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Piously trusting in greatness of the craft collective of talents presented by magic knowledge with hot vapor in heart and a flaring fire of passion spirit. Creators of the modern art esteeming to be able to create importance of great ancestors in a feather and brushes own modern power of spells of a bit, byte, microchips, zero and unit. Open to us truly fantastic horizons approaching the World to visionaries prophecy. Artists of two, three-dimensional graphics with wisdom possibility of programs, writers of logical scripts taming mashines and strict, attentive analysts of all many-sided these not simple systems.


The Right Design. The Right Solution.

Paying attention to the specifics and nature of the customer’s activity, an original and memorable solution is selected. Usually, the choice begins with determining the color palette and the theme of the logo.


Creative Design Concepts

The design concept is a comprehensive, specially developed idea of the semantic (ideological and thematic) visualization of the concept of a particular object.

The Subject of Concept Development

can be any object that can have any appearance characteristics, for example, a car, a WEB site or user application, a company logo, a lighter, etc.

Thinking Intuitive Options

Design can be considered intuitive when users can focus on their task without stopping for a second. Intuitive design draws people's attention to important tasks.

Semantic Access

is the most important design element to enable users to interact with your system. If a person cannot understand how your application works, he will only be confused and ultimately disappointed.

Compliance With The Rules

There are rules in graphic design. Although a violation of the rules is allowed and even (in some cases) encouraged, it is important to know how to violate correctly.

Brief List of Rules

a single design regardless of the platform, clear navigation, selected color palette, clickable elements and an approach to business from the heart.

Cross-platform support.

On all devices, in all browsers.

The ability of software to work with two or more hardware platforms and (or) operating systems. It is provided through the use of high-level programming languages, development and runtime environments that support conditional compilation, linking, and code execution for various platforms. An example is the Telegram messenger software designed to work in Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS operating systems at the same time.

Cross-platform can be called most modern high-level programming languages. 



The procedure for creating a WEB application or WEB site. The main stages of this process are such events as WEB-design, page layout of the site, WEB-programming on the server and client side, as well as work on configuring the WEB-server. Today there are several stages of website development:

  • Designing a site or web application. Collecting and analyzing requirements, developing technical specifications, designing interfaces;
  • Development of a creative website concept;
  • Creation of the design concept of the site and page layouts;
  • Preparation of multimedia elements. Images, animations, video content, text materials;
  • Layout of pages and templates;
  • Integration of site content control system;
  • Programming. Development of the user functional tools and server special functions of processed data;
  • Testing for errors of functions and data and making adjustments;
  • Publication of the project in a worldwide network. On a hosting or on a dedicated server;
  • Internal and external SEO optimization;
  • Website maintenance. Filling with content and editing its software.
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The process by which applications are developed for small portable devices, smartphones, and the like. Each successful project has an accessible interface not only through the browser, but also through the application on the smartphone. At present, in the near future, two ecosystems of mobile development are Apple IOS and Google Android. Thanks to the solutions of development systems, a single application is written for both manufacturers that works on all devices with the proper level of debugging and optimization. Creating an application for smartphones is divided into the following steps:

  • Target Market Business Analysis
  • Developing an agreed solution
  • Prototyping
  • Code Writing and Technology Implementation
  • Testing
  • Creating a pre-release version
  • Optimization for various types of devices
  • Adding an application to the store
  • Technical support and marketing promotion of the application
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A virtual interlocutor, a program that is designed to simulate human behavior when communicating with one or more interlocutors. There are a huge number of bots for all popular messaging tools that solve a variety of tasks — from finding airline tickets to managing small development teams. And to get all this wealth, users do not even need to leave their preferred messenger. What can chat bots do?

  • Routine replacement — allows you to perform certain functions without involving people, and the work will be done instantly and flawlessly;
  • Search and aggregation of news, analytics, data (Data-Driven Collaboration), data are available at the place of decision-making — messengers and all participants who need them;
  • E-commerce — for spontaneous purchases without a long search, mobile ecommerce + visual search + chatbots, for communication with customers;
  • The first line of work with clients, assistants, consultants, model questions, telephony;
  • Just for Fun.

Chatbot development is a very promising option for quick and convenient automation of specific business processes.

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A set of programs that provide control of components of a computer system, such as a processor, random access memory, input / output devices, network equipment, acting as an “interlayer interface”, on the one hand which is the equipment, and on the other, user applications. Unlike application software, the system does not solve specific practical problems, but only provides the work of other programs, providing them with service functions, abstracting the details of the hardware and firmware implementation of the computing system, and managing the hardware resources of the computing system.

  • Microcontrollers programming elements of a robotics;
  • Management of computer hardware devices;
  • Program execution management;
  • Memory and file system management;
  • I / O control and interrupt handling;
  • Multi-tasking and multi-user mode;
  • Inclusion and exclusion of functional components in the OS;
  • Setting operating system parameters;
  • Testing the security of computer and network;
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Web Development Options.

Many paths at the crossroads of web development. Of the wide variety of site management systems (CMS) and frameworks, the choice was easy to concentrate on mastery of the most common technologies. We carry out high-quality and serious projects on React using the Redux library. Budget solutions can be quickly executed on CMS WordPress with its rich selection of ready-made plugins and themes. Among the paid CMS in demand, of course, this is 1C Bitrix with its strong vendor support and high-quality templates. Also, at your request, we can take up work based on other popular frameworks and site management systems.

Similar solutions are Angular and VueJS using JavaScript programming. Also, with some caveats, the development of Laravel and Yii frameworks with the same serious capabilities can be considered similar to the PHP framework. React is a JavaScript library that is used to create a user interface. Depending on the complexity of the task, the server part can be supplemented by any popular programming language due to the peculiarity of JavaScript Bridge.

React was created by Facebook, and the first release of the library was released in March 2013. Initially, React was intended for the web, for creating websites, but later the React Native platform appeared, which was already intended for mobile devices. Now, for each mobile operating system, you do not need to conduct a separate development cycle, it is enough to apply the technology. React seems to be an ideal tool for creating scalable web applications (in this case we are talking about the frontend), especially in those situations where the application represents SPA (single-page application). React is relatively easy to learn, has a clear and conciseundefined syntax.
Virtual DOM
The virtual DOM represents a lightweight copy of the regular DOM. And a distinctive feature of React is that this library works with the virtual DOM, and not with the usual one. If the application needs to find out information about the state of elements, then the virtual DOM is accessed. If you need to change the elements of a web page, then the changes are first made to the virtual DOM. Then the new state of the virtual DOM is compared with the current state. And if these states are different, then React finds the minimum number of manipulations that are necessary before updating the real DOM to a new state and performs them. As a result, such a scheme for interacting with web page elements is much faster and more efficient than if we worked directly from JavaScript with the DOM.
Other React Features
Another distinguishing feature of the library is its concentration on components — we can create individual components and then easily transfer them from the project to undefined project. Another feature of React is the use of JSX. JSX is a combination of JavaScript and XML code and provides a simple and intuitive way to define visual interface code. React is developing as an open source project, and all library sites are available at https://github.com/facebook/react. 

Laravel supports functional, integration, and unit testing

When developing enterprise software, it is very important to be able to run tests. The quality of the product depends on this. When working with Laravel, you can do without third-party tools, since the framework natively supports component testing.

Applications created on Laravel are easily scaled

When you need to scale an app on Laravel, you just take it and scale it. The framework has native tools, such as Laravel Cache for caching, Laravel Horizon for Queuing, and other Eloquent services that can use the capabilities of cloud services. A Laravel project can be integrated with GitHub, CircleCI, Docker, Amazon Web Services, and so on.

Laravel has a developed ecosystem of tools that can be used to work with enterprise-class projects

Laravel is an open source project, and developers like to do something for it. As a result, there are tools around Laravel for various tasks-from small apps for sharing and commenting photos to large apps that are used by huge Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, your developers can contribute to these projects, create new ones, or modify existing ones according to your company’s needs. A good example is Laravel Socialite. This tool provides authentication via Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket.

Laravel-an open source project

Laravel is a 100% open source project. This opens up great opportunities for customization, modification, and expansion, and here Laravel surpasses many popular frameworks.

The most popular of the free CMS in the world. It was originally created for blogging, but the system was so fond of the developers that they began to actively expand it. And today, WordPress is building sophisticated news portals and even large online stores.
WordPress is a free, open source system. You will have to spend money only on paid plugins that expand the functionality of CMS, but at the same time, all standard additional features can be obtained with free plugins.
WordPress has a low entry threshold. You can take care of the site yourself. CMS has many ready-made templates for any project.
Standard WordPress can do with weak hosting. But with a lot of plugins, it’s worth considering a more powerful option.
The WordPress core itself is properly protected, but since after a clean installation of CMS an active installation of third-party plugins begins, the security of the entire site is reduced. Plugins are produced by third-party companies and enthusiastic specialists, therefore, they may have holes in the code, or they may be malicious.
On WordPress, the development of such projects as:

  • Information sites.
  • Blogs
  • Business cards.
  • Landings.
  • Medium-duty shops.

A common system from the line of paid CMS. It was created primarily for highly loaded projects: information portals, online stores, websites of large companies and government organizations.
Bitrix pricing starts at an average of $ 100 per year minimum edition. License renewal is optional. After the expiration of the site will work, but to update or add a module from the Marketplace will not work, those also stop. support.
When installing in Bitrix, you can immediately select a ready-made template from the Marketplace, a little customization, information replacement, and you’re done.
Bitrix is ​​very resource-intensive, if you have a large project, it is advisable to put it on a dedicated server. Many hosters provide separate services for 1C Bitrix.
Bitrix has a high level of security, both of the kernel itself and of third-party components. The 1C Bitrix-Start edition has a built-in Proactive Defense module that includes DDoS protection, antivirus and much more. The system is constantly updated, closing discovered gaps.
Bitrix is ​​suitable for the development of such projects as:

  • Corporate website.
  • Big online store.
  • Informational portal.
  • Sites of government agencies.

In General, to better understand what you need Bootstrap for, you can go back a bit and answer the question “ » What is a css framework anyway?”

In fact, in simple terms, it is a file or several files with ready-written code that are connected to the site in the head section, after which it becomes possible to use the features of this framework.

Frameworks are created to make it easier for other web developers to make up sites. I already mentioned at the beginning that today almost any developer after creating a couple of sites from scratch is thinking about how to speed up the development process.

The fact is that if we are going to do site development from scratch, we will have to take care of a lot of things. All css styles, all web scripts will have to be written from scratch, and it can be hundreds or thousands of lines of code. Moreover, you can make a lot of mistakes in the layout. For example, your template will simply look different in the main browsers, or it will not be adaptive.

In General, just for the sake of adaptive layout, it is worth using Bootstrap, because if we are talking about fixed layouts, they are easy to make even from scratch. Just create blocks, set them a fixed width, and work on the layout.

But in the case of adaptive layout, everything is much more complicated. You will need to make sure that your site displays well on all screen resolutions. To do this, you will need to use media queries. For large templates such queries may take a very long, besides, you still have to learn how to write them.

In General, when developing an adaptive template from scratch, you will have to work hard, and your skills in layout should be quite high.

What about bootstrap? If you study this framework, it will greatly simplify the layout for you. First, the framework takes on cross-browser compatibility and adaptability, and these are the main things that the developer should take care of. But with bootstrap, it’s very easy to implement them. This allows you to create an html template even for a person who has previously done very little layout and is not particularly familiar with css.

Mobile Application Development Way.

To facilitate development in the continuation to the React web bundle, we use an amazing and powerful tool — React Native. The open source code created by Facebook and the community can create applications for Android and iOS using this framework. Creating an application using native languages ​​such as Java, Objective-C and C # will take a lot of time. And if you hire an expert in these languages, it will cost you a fortune. The React Native-based mobile application is not HTML5, a hybrid or mobile web application. Rather, it is a true mobile app. React Native also allows you to use native code. For maximum performance, you can create some functions in the required programming language using your own code, and some using React Native.

Difficult Programming.

server programming, сhat bots, microcontrollers and automated control systems

  • Server side — backend

The backend programmer is engaged in the internal arrangement of the product, organizes the operation of the application, sites, data storage, information transfer to the user and convenient navigation. If you divide the web product into two parts, then the appearance is the work of the front-end, and the internal functionality and data storage is the activity of the backend. Backend developer is a specialist who deals with the internal structure of a site or application. In simple terms, this is the person who makes the product work, store and transmit data. The backend creates what users use, but not directly. Speaking of examples, the data entry form or a beautiful basket in the online store is a front-end development, but recording and storing entered data, setting up payment gateways, updating content is what the backend is already doing.

  • Chat bots

A rule-driven and sometimes artificial intelligence service that you interact with through the chat interface. A service can include various capabilities, from functional to entertainment, and it can be included in the package of any chat product (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Text Messages, etc.).

  • Programming controllers for automatic control systems

Automatic control systems are a combination of a set of software and hardware tools and a person who are designed to control various processes. This science in its application is divided into two main areas:
 1.  Management of various processes on the scale of the technological process, production, enterprise.
The primary task of this direction of microcontroller programming is to increase the production efficiency of object management through the growth of labor productivity and improvement of methods for planning the control process.
 2. Help a person in solving routine household tasks and as electronic control systems and control of all possible means of movement.
We are used to these areas around us every day and no longer pay attention to it. Various smart home systems controlled models of vehicles — cars, air and water transport.


All sides of online marketing,

for all opportunities.

A set of measures for internal and external optimization to raise the site’s position in search engine results for certain user queries, in order to increase network traffic (for information resources) and potential customers (for commercial resources) and then monetize (generate revenue) this traffic. SEO can be targeted at various types of search, including image search, video search, news search, and industry-specific search engines.

Usually, the higher the site’s position in search results, the more interested users go to it from search engines.

Visited resource, profitable business.

We will do everything right to increase traffic to your site or app. Starting from the usual code configuration operations and ending with non-standard solutions. The rocket to launch sales into space is already loaded with fuel, just press the START button.


Search Engine Optimization

A functional approach to search engine optimization, aimed at adjusting certain factors to their target values, has become a thing of the past due to the complication of search engine algorithms - the cost of balancing dozens of factors is many times higher than the cost of creating an initially high-quality resource.

The Subject of Concept Development

Work aimed at improving the overall quality of the site, the benefits it brings to the visitor — the best and universal solution. This can include work on the structure of the project, on facilitating the perception of content and directly on the quality of this content.

Non-Linear Approach

Leveraging an omnichannel strategy is becoming increasingly important for businesses that must adapt to changing consumer expectations that require increasingly sophisticated offerings throughout the buying process.

Access To Technologies

A body of knowledge about your target audience (customer avatars, needs, pains, desires, relevance, and so on), understanding the market capacity, a complete dossier on competitors (detailed SWOT analysis) and the ability to correctly count business numbers (know and be able to calculate ROI, ROMI , KPI, CTR, conversions and more than 15 indicators).

Compliance With Market

SEO is not a suitable tactic for every website, and other internet marketing strategies may be more effective, such as a pay-per-click (CPC) campaign, depending on the goals of the site operator. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of developing, running and optimizing advertising strategies on search engines.

Optimization Types

Optimization methods can be divided into three classes according to their color (white, gray and black), however, recent events in the world of search engines make it clear that this division is very conditional — any manipulation of certain site parameters can be regarded by a search engine as an extremely undesirable influence. on its results.

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